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Freelancer Nation

Dec 19, 2018

It’s the young vs. veteran! 👊

Food stylist/photographer Alicia and writer Wayne share their creative journey and how they develop their personal brand and style in their photography and writing. What impact do Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles have on Wayne’s writing career? How do family recipes influence Alicia’s decision to freelance?

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Alicia Chow is a food stylist/photographer/recipe developer. She is also running a blog to share her recipes and travel guides


Wayne Rée is the author of TALES FROM A TINY ROOM and co-creator of the YELLOW PRINCESS kids series. His short story, MR MEMPHIS, was adapted and remixed into a comic by Benjamin Chee, and he has contributed to LONTAR: THE JOURNAL OF SOUTHEAST SPECULATIVE FICTION and PULP TOAST.


- THE FREELANCE CREATIVE EXCHANGE SERIES - The Freelance Creative Exchange Series is our first ever podcast about freelancing by freelancers. Every 2 weeks, we catch up with professionals over coffee at the PIXEL Studio and share stories about freelancing or anything in and around the topic. Each episode is about 30-40 minutes long and available in both podcast and YouTube formats. Hosted by CreativesAtWork co-founders Fanny and Jayce, you will find candid conversations with the creative professionals about freelancing and the gig economy in Singapore & beyond.



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