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Freelance Creative Exchange

Jul 22, 2019

“At the end of the day you know that you've got bills to pay, you've got eat, you've got things to pay for and then it's like money is running low. So, that was the struggle.”

Meet the founders of The Maker Girls Studio, Lyn and Vanessa who share their journey going full-time with their side hustle and vision for building a local community of makers and supporters that appreciates quality, artisanal works. Special thanks to co-working place MOX for hosting us.

Lyn Ng is the founder & owner of Studio MU / YU, an artisanal woodcraft brand encompassing slow-made jewellery, bags, and lifestyle products.
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Vanessa Kumar is the founder & owner of 3 ODD DUCKS,  a cement and concrete design art studio in Singapore.
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Founded by Lyn and Vanessa, The Maker Girls Studio is launched with the intention to build a culture of appreciating handmade pieces, whilst strengthening the local community by bringing fellow makers and people together.

MOX is a co-working space and a community for creatives to gather, collaborate, share and create. Its flagship space at Katong Point is located within the quaint neighbourhood of Joo Chiat and Katong, occupying three floors in the building. So if you are a a creative-preneur, an established brand or a hobbyist looking for a co-working place, come check out this amazing venue!
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The Freelance Creative Exchange is our first ever podcast about freelancing by freelancers.

Every 2 weeks, we catch up with professionals over coffee at the PIXEL Studio and share stories about freelancing or anything in and around the topic.

Hosted by CreativesAtWork co-founders Fanny and Jayce, you will find candid conversations with the creative professionals about freelancing and the gig economy in Singapore & beyond.

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