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Freelancer Nation

May 2, 2020

As content creators ourselves, we work with many actors in our projects and we have a strong appreciation for them and what they bring to our screens. Without actors, there won’t be movies or television.

Despite their importance in the ecosystem, many actors find it a challenge to be recognised and rewarded for their craft. We speak to Kris Mavericko and Renita Kapoor, who have acted as a son and mother in After_Life, a short film developed under  STOREYS. They discuss what is it like to be a freelance actor in Singapore from attending auditions and finding gigs to getting paid, building a sustainable career and how they are coping with the current pandemic situation.



STOREYS is a ground up digital initiative to tell stories that can drive a positive change in Singapore.  Watch After_Life here:


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The Freelance Creative Exchange is our first ever podcast about freelancing by freelancers. 

We catch up with professionals over coffee at the PIXEL Studio and share stories about freelancing or anything in and around the topic. 

Hosted by CreativesAtWork co-founders Fanny and Jayce, you will find candid conversations with the creative professionals about freelancing and the gig economy in Singapore & beyond. 

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PS: This was filmed before the social distancing measures were implemented