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Freelancer Nation

May 30, 2020

Are there opportunities to be found in a pandemic?

This week, we speak to abundance coach Eugene Seah who shares how freelancers can develop multiple income streams and what they can do to protect themselves financially in the future.

This content references a personal opinion and is for informational purposes  only....

May 16, 2020

Unforeseen circumstances, such as a pandemic, can threaten a freelancer’s livelihood.

This week, we speak to Sean who is a creative like us who happens to be interested in finance. He shares with us the basics of investing and why is it important for a freelancer to diversity their comes.

Sean Li-wen Cheong has...

May 2, 2020

As content creators ourselves, we work with many actors in our projects and we have a strong appreciation for them and what they bring to our screens. Without actors, there won’t be movies or television.

Despite their importance in the ecosystem, many actors find it a challenge to be recognised and rewarded for...