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Freelancer Nation

Dec 27, 2019

In our penultimate episode of the year, we speak to Alyne Tamir. The vlogger and creator of Dear Alyne, is currently living the dream of travelling around the world to create meaningful videos about the amazing people and places she meet on her journeys. Many freelancers aspire to be a digital nomad too, but how should we get started? We speak to Alyne about content creation, starting her podcast, growing your audience and community, and building a sustainable career around her passion.

About Alyne Tamir
Alyne Tamir is the creator of “Dear Alyne”, a Facebook page with over 1.2 million followers from around the world. She creates weekly videos that open conversations around topics like “The Pink Tax”, “The Visa Trap”, and other relevant social issues. She has a special spot in her heart for women’s rights and animals, and her favorite compliment was when someone once called her “a young Oprah”.

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