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Freelancer Nation

Jul 28, 2023

We are now witnessing the decentralisation of education where people use Youtube and other online education platforms to educate themselves. Without a formal education system, how we can prove our credentials? Join our host James as he discusses with Yen-Lyng about the future of education. 



 Loh Yen-Lyng is a project manager for CreativesAtWork and involved heavily with Freelancing101 platform. 



1) Decentralisation of education,
- People use YouTube to educate themselves. There is no university course on how to be a blockchain developer
- F101 are creating video courses to educate and train freelancers on specific skills.

2) Web3 bounties
- Remote work, gig-economy, accepting work without any human interaction
- How NFT's can be used as proof of completion.

3) On-chain credentials,
- LinkedIn, 76% of people lie on their CV
- Credly is the web2 version of allowing skill and education badges.
- Decentralisation of education


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