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Jul 12, 2020

What this pandemic has gives us is an opportunity to go beyond reacting to the current situation to building a more sustainable environment for freelancing. At a certain point, you want to be able to stop trading your hours for dollars and gain leverage by earning a passive income. 

The work we do on our business and in tending to relationships and managing your finances will pay off in the future. We speak to Hariz about how freelancers can diversify their risks and build up different sources of passive income, including working on their intellectual property

Hariz Maloy had his voic on almost any platform available; Musical theatre, Film, Radio, Emceeing events, even performing original music on the stages of the Esplanade. 

However in the last few years, Hariz has transitioned to pursue his business interests in digital marketing, copywriting, and now finance. He manages the personal wealth of individuals and tours across South East Asia, promoting seminars and books to other financial advisors on financial advisory.





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