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Freelancer Nation

Jul 18, 2020

What will be the impact of the pandemic on our film industry? How will it change the way we make documentaries? We catch up with filmmaker and documentary storyteller OKJ who shares how his perspective has changed during this period and why he is pivoting to different platforms and methods to tell stories.

Welcome to our new resilience series, where we invited previous Freelance Creative Exchange podcast guests to discuss how they are dealing with Circuit Breaker and if they have any advice or encouraging words for the rest of us during this challenging period.

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The Freelance Creative Exchange is our first ever podcast about freelancing by freelancers. 
We catch up with professionals over coffee at the PIXEL Studio and share stories about freelancing or anything in and around the topic. 
Hosted by CreativesAtWork co-founders Fanny and Jayce, you will find candid conversations with the creative professionals about freelancing and the gig economy in Singapore & beyond. 

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