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Freelancer Nation

May 21, 2021

Before he was your morning radio DJ from 6am to 10am on Kiss 92FM for 7 years, Jason Johnson made a living watching and writing more than 2000 film reviews.

He drops by the podcast to talk about how to be a morning radio DJ, how to be a film reviewer, his love for Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks and horrifying cinema experiences.

From Alberta to Sembawang, how did Jason arrive in Singapore - 00:53

Jason on how to write a film review - 13:19

Jason on being a morning radio DJ - 23:15

Jason on joining the drama club - 35:19

Jason on why it's cool to be uncool - 36:06

Follow Jason on these platforms:

Instagram: @jasonfjohnson

His band - The Shimmer Glimmers

FB & YouTube: @The Shimmer Glimmers

And their EP Spotify: The Shimmer Glimmers


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