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Freelancer Nation

Jun 11, 2018

For our pilot episode, we speak to Kevin Ou, Development / Executive Producer” of The Lumenere Group.

An entrepreneur with the heart of a philanthropist, Kevin Ou is on a mission to create beauty and incredible change in the world. Kevin has transcended his vision as a Celebrity photographer to developing business ventures that expand boundaries and provide innovative progress around him.

Kevin’s intuition for developing companies, lead to the birth of The Lumenere Group. Originally launched in Los Angeles, the agency quickly became Asia’s definitive Celebrity Marketing firm.

Tapping on personal investments as an early investor of Cryptocurrency, Kevin lead the expansion of The Lumenere Group’s portfolio into Business Development of Blockchain (ICO) organizations.

Freelance Exchange is our first ever podcast about freelances by freelancers. Hosted by CreativesAtWork co-founders Fanny and Jayce, you will find candid conversations with the creatives professionals about freelancing and the gig economy in Singapore & beyond.

If you are excited, you know what you can do and you’re just excited to apply it, then really, there are so many different outlets where you can apply yourself. So, it really just starts with that mindset.

Creativity can manifest itself in many different ways. Even in business, in terms of structuring different business deals, creativity and thinking outside of the box is very crucial as well.

“There are two types of photographers in this world,” and when I use photographers, they can be very interchangeable to designers, architects, any other positions. There are people that are very skilled, very talented, but without a business sense, no one knows who they are. Or, you could be a mediocre talent, but with a lot of business sense, and funny enough, these are the people that succeed.

You can either complain about it or you can figure out a way around it.

I think the first step is to realise that all this is happening. If you refuse to believe that all of this happening and you keep on that same path, you’re not going to get anywhere. If you understand this and you can understand, then you can come up with that creative model on how to solve it.

So, really that value is what a lot of freelancers need to be focusing on. If they can figure out what value they can provide, figure out how they can benefit a company or help a company grow.

Forget about technology. Technology will always keep changing and there will always be a lot of competitors. But if you are very effective in what you do, instead of a viewer taking ten seconds to digest a message, if your shot if very clear, you know exactly, and that same message is told effectively in one second, they can tell it, that’s where your value comes from.

I think with photography, creating something out of nothing, and then having a final picture that you can show the world, I think that excites me.

There were so many different failures that have hit me along the way, but I think the drive and passion, you know what you want to make happen and you still keep going.

A lot of failures. The first clients happen after, let’s say 100 people turn you down, the 101st client that you get, that is your success.

I think a lot of the students that I meet nowadays, the younger generation, I think they kind of take things for granted and they think everything is kind of given to them. So, when they hit that little bump of failure, they kind of give up. So, I think that is a mindset that you have to kind of get over.

If I disappear, no one’s going to miss me. But if I can create something bigger, that impacts a lot of people, so let’s say if I go at least I had value or a mark I made on this world. That is what keeps me driving.

Don’t give up, because failure is imminent, you will always hit failure,
Success is the enthusiasm to hit every challenge without losing any enthusiasm. So, to me, if you can do that, that will eventually lead to success.

Ask outrageously. I think a lot of people are very scared to ask for favours or ask for certain things and once again, there’s a lot of different stories.

Don’t be too comfortable in where you are at, because, I mean, more than ever, technology, your base skillset is always growing.

Take action despite fear.




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