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Freelancer Nation

May 28, 2021

Before moving to New York City in 2010, where he has performed extensively Off-Broadway, Regionally, and Internationally, Hansel Tan was supposed to be scholar and on the path to be a Humanities Teacher.

He drops by to talk with Sean and Yen-Lyng about how his life journey deviated away from the classroom, how to be an actor in New York City and what it’s like to be personally directed by Academy Award winning actor, Morgan Freeman, and experience that we can only imagine.

1) 0:50 - What is it like to be directed by Morgan Freeman

2) 4:58 - From MOE scholar to the American Dream... how?

3) 11:02 - America vs Singapore

4) 23:52 - Want to be an Actor in New York? The casting process.

5) 26:57 - Playing the Engineer in Miss Saigon

6) 34:19 - Acting as a business

7) 39:22 - How being Uncool is cool

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Disclaimer: Covid 19 safety measures were strictly adhered to at all time during this production