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Aug 19, 2022

As NFT is a new space, it can be difficult for beginners to find the ideal path, be it launching their NFT project or building a career. Being new also comes with certain setbacks, such as the doubts of candidates regarding NFT jobs. Would it be feasible to pursue a long-term career in a domain that has emerged only in recent months? Or launching and investing in NFTs projects  when the market is in a lull? 


Topics covered:

  • Business and job opportunities in the blockchain and NFT sector
  • How to get started in the sector without prior experience 
  • Is it a good time to launch your NFT project? 

CreativesatWwork is releasing our own NFT in Sept. Do keep a look out and join us in our NFT journey



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About Sam Neo

Sam Neo is currently a founder of 3 start-ups. The first being People Mentality Inc, one of APAC's top 10 HR and Employer Branding consultancy firm that helps organizations become an Employer of Choice. His second company, Stories of Asia, is a Storyteller Incubator that was set up to empower the Asian community with a voice through storytelling. Finally, his latest tech venture, StoryBuddy, is an AI-powered storytelling tool that seeks to change the way people communicate and create content 

As a trusted advisor, he has worked with leaders in various large and reputable organizations such as Samsung, L’Oreal, Diageo, Singtel Group, Under Armour, Lazada and more. As a millennial HR thought leader, he is regularly invited to deliver keynotes at conferences globally. In addition, Sam has also been invited to share his insights as an HR and Millennial expert on national TV and radio channels as well as being featured on major publications such as The Business Times and Straits Times.

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Stories of Asia x StoryBuddy NFT Collection - Kob-i in Asia

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About Jayce Tham

Hailing from the corporate world, Jayce is indeed familiar with the pressure-cooker environment that’s out there. She spent over 7 years as Assistant Director and Department Head at Media Development Authority before founding CreativesAtWork.

Jayce is a big-picture, visionary leader who has the unique ability to still keep one eye on the details. She encourages innovation and experimentation and infuses heart, soul, spirit and passion in all that she does.

Her forward-thinking mindset and strong passion for identifying growth opportunities puts her in the business development role. She is highly adept at building collaborative cultures, cultivating solid stakeholder relationships and driving change.


About Ivy Xu

I’m a location-independent entrepreneur living and slow traveling to different startup and cultural hubs. I believe we have so much to learn from seeing a new place with fresh eyes, so I move to a new city every 1-2 months ✈️

I care deeply about advancing education and entrepreneurship. I’m the co-founder of an education startup, BETA Camp💡, a startup bootcamp for kids, and Wander Women DAO 🗺️, a venture studio DAO building products to empower more women to be nomadic and financially free.

Every week, I write a newsletter on the coolest observations, learnings, and insights from my nomad travels and work. If you’d like to explore these ideas with me, subscribe below or read it first! I promise to keep it simple and interesting.


Wander Women

About EBAO

EBAO is a Singaporean Graphic Designer, Street Artist and NFT Creator. He is the Co-Founder of DPLMT, local a multi-disciplinary art collective.


DPLMT is not your conventional creative studio. Using illustrations as a form to translate and express their vision on a wide rage of mediums from mural art, digital art, video, motion graphics and augmented reality. DPLMT has work with various clients from Skechers, Adidas, New Balance, various Ministries and featured in exhibitions locally and overseas.


As an artist, EBAO’s has led and worked on these collaborations including Texas Chicken, Hugo, MTV Asia as well as exhibited in numerous exhibitions like Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore River Festival and many more.

His works are inspired by his love for 90’s cartoons, street culture and his passion for telling a story through character design and branding.

Recently he is diving into NFTs as a creator, launching his #solebeasts series as well as working on several upcoming pfp projects such as KoolKeedz.

My art social: @ebao_art (IG) / @ebao_ (Twitter)

NFT channel: @nftehtarik (IG)

Art collective: @dplmt_ (IG) / @dplmt_ (Twitter)