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Freelancer Nation

Aug 26, 2022

The following panel took place at The Parlour Singapore on 29 July 2022


They say that the bear market is the best time to enter, plan, and prepare. But how do you prepare for the future of Web 3.0, crypto, and NFTs as a creative? Is it even worth it right now and how would you even get involved in the budding industry?

In this entry-level session, we talk to a specially curated panel of creators and movers in Web 3.0. Each of them is from different background, creatively finding their own niches in this diverse and infinite space of 3.0. It's not just about finance or tech, it's about using your creativity and skills to carve a piece of the pie for yourself.

This session is meant to inform and inspire you to prepare yourself for the future, and perhaps be one of the first movers yourself.


Great for people who:

- Is interested in finding out more about 3.0.

- Want to be on top of the trends

- Are looking to use their existing skillsets in a new and exciting space


Dom | NFT artist, occasional curator, and metaverse architect

Dominic is a multidisciplinary artist who also sells his imaginary friends as NFTs. By day, he is a senior art director in adland, and at night he is a professional shit poster, NFT artist, occasional curator, and metaverse architect. His NFT art has been exhibited at Crypto Art Week Asia and the UltraSuperNew gallery in Singapore.


EBAO | Graphic Designer, Street Artist, and NFT Creator, Co-Founder of DPLMT

As an artist, EBAO’s has led and worked on these collaborations including Texas Chicken, Hugo, MTV Asia as well as exhibited in numerous exhibitions like Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore River Festival, and many more.

His works are inspired by his love for 90’s cartoons, street culture, and his passion for telling a story through character design and branding.

Recently he is diving into NFTs as a creator, launching his #solebeasts series as well as working on several upcoming pfp projects such as KoolKeedz.

Follow EBAO:

Art social: @ebao_art (IG) / @ebao_ (Twitter)

NFT channel: @nftehtarik (IG)

Art collective: @dplmt_ (IG) / @dplmt_ (Twitter)


Jaze Phua | Art Director for Moonsie NFT, Content Creator

Jaze is an Award-winning Creative Director/Animator responsible for directing the art and branding at Moonsie. He is the Founder/Creative Director at Pandastic Media and Moonlight Capital. His experience in creative directing for the past 9 years has been pivotal for Moonsie. His goal - To bring virality to Moonsie. More importantly, Jaze's calm and assertive nature brings out the best in those who work with him.

Find out more about Moonsie NFT here:


YPSONO | Co-Founder of SG NFT Creators


This event is organized in collaboration with SG NFT Creators and The Parlour Singapore.