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Freelancer Nation

Nov 27, 2020

Jiang Wanni became a food delivery rider during the Circuit Breaker lockdown in April. She documented her journey in two well-received vlogs: How Much I Earn a Day As a Female GrabFood Cyclist? & What it's like to be a food delivery rider?

Along the way, she interviewed many food delivery riders on why they choose this career, how much they are earning and the challenges they are facing in their jobs.

We speak to 妮妮江ninijiang Jiang Wanni about her perspective working in the gig economy and how she balances being a Youtuber with her final year studies at NUS.

Jiang Wanni is a YouTuber, food and travel enthusiast based in Singapore. She loves the outdoors, sports and appreciation of arts. Through her videos, she hopes people can rediscover the beauty in ordinary daily life and appreciate where we live now. Wanni is currently a year 4 student majoring in Industrial Design in NUS.

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