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Freelancer Nation

Aug 13, 2018

“There are so many people out there who have a problem they want solved. So, if you can just be that person who can solve that problem for them, they'll happily pay you to solve it.” 

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This week, two amazing badass ladies Anne-Laure Herrezuelo & Satya Kothimangalam discuss the importance of knowing how to charge, networking and self-care while running your business.

Anne-Laure is an artist, facilitator and community builder. She helps individual or university organisations identify and align with their big vision through collectve art experiences.

Satya Kothimangalam is the founder of ZAC Studios and she helps service-based businesses create brands to stand out and create messages that will help them get their best clients really quickly,


Anne-Laure is an artist, facilitator and community builder. She helps individual or university organisations align and build together the relation to this vision through collectve art experiences.



Anne: Every time you meet a client, what I'm trying to do, and a lot of people would advise the same, ask this potential client, “Hey, can you recommend me someone else to meet with, just to have a coffee and get some feedback and understand?”



Anne: So that's a tip that you never leave, and if the person is busy or something, or they say, “I will follow up later.” And they don't, you do follow up, until they give you a contact.



Satya: Definitely go out there and be useful, and the second this is, understand that you have an inherent value, just because you have time, passion and interest in a certain topic.



it's important to reverse engineer how much you should be charging, because think about it from the perspective of, “How much money do I want to earn every month?” And then break that down into, “How much time do I have available to work on client projects?” And then come up with the project fee.


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