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Freelancer Nation

Sep 26, 2022

As freelancers, we face challenges getting loans from banks. With the rise in interest rates, is it a bad time to take out a loan to scale their business? We speak to Darunee Itthiputh, partner and Head - Southeast Asia of Noumena Partners about availability of new financial solutions offered by fintech startups and how freelancers and digital nomads in Southeast Asia are dealing with inflation in their business and personal lives. Freelance Creative Exchange is recorded on Audio-technica microphones

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About Noumena

We are a fintech startup that brings together skilled, growth-oriented freelancers with capital providers who are eager to finance the future of work. Noumena designs, builds and delivers financial products, services and tools to help freelancers growth their business and generate wealth. Noumena also helps capital providers connect and transact with a large, untapped pool of potential customers that fit their risk/reward profile.

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Freelance Creative Exchange is recorded on Audio-Technica microphones

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