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Aug 15, 2022

Community Is critical to the success of your NFT project and an important factor to consider when purchasing an NFT. As the space continues to grow, the concept of community evolves. NFT is influencing the way we engage and build with our communities, whether online or offline.

Topics covered:

  • Introducing Parlour - the only NFT bar and lounge in Singapore 
  • The trend of online communities meeting in-person
  • Rise of the Creator Economy
  • What is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and how do they work
  • Is DAO the future of communities?

CreativesatWwork is releasing our own NFT in Sept. Do keep a look out and join us in our NFT journey



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Jaye Foo

Jaye’s multi-disciplinary approach to life has led to his creation of The Parlour Global, a shared creative space with a presence in Singapore and South Korea, and to his role as a co-founder of The Mettaverse, Singapore’s first virtual real estate company.


Jaye is a crypto advocate and forerunner in the NFT space in the region, who also recently transformed The Parlour Singapore to be Singapore's first NFT bar and lounge.


Apart from his award-winning businesses, Jaye is also a multi-nominated music artist.



About Ivy Xu

I’m a location-independent entrepreneur living and slow traveling to different startup and cultural hubs. I believe we have so much to learn from seeing a new place with fresh eyes, so I move to a new city every 1-2 months ✈️

I care deeply about advancing education and entrepreneurship. I’m the co-founder of an education startup, BETA Camp💡, a startup bootcamp for kids, and Wander Women DAO 🗺️, a venture studio DAO building products to empower more women to be nomadic and financially free.

Every week, I write a newsletter on the coolest observations, learnings, and insights from my nomad travels and work. If you’d like to explore these ideas with me, subscribe below or read it first! I promise to keep it simple and interesting.


Wander Women