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Freelancer Nation

May 5, 2023

The Actor’s Space is a podcast hosted by Laura Kee, a freelance actor in Singapore. Through conversations with fellow actors, and industry colleagues, we will be talking about the working actor’s life in Singapore – how do we pursue our love for acting, while navigating the business side of the craft? Let’s create more conversations about the challenges of building a sustainable acting career in Singapore.



With over 35 years of experience in Singapore’s arts scene and with international experience that ranges from Asia to South Africa and Europe, Jeremiah Choy is a Creative Director, Producer and Curator. He has directed and produced theatre shows, concerts, arts festivals, Singapore and International events. In 2019, Jeremiah was recognised by the Law Society’s Pro Bono Service for his contributions to Legal Awareness. He won the Best Supporting Actor Award at Life! Theatre Award 2019 for his role in Leda and The Rage.



• Always put an oral contract into writing, whether email or message form. 

• Workplace safety is not just physical safety – it includes mental, social, emotional and psychological safety too.

• Negotiate your terms, and be bold to speak up if you feel uncomfortable.

• Balance your rights against your responsibilities and obligations as an actor.

• Include your business costs – preparation time, wardrobe, bonuses etc – in your fees! 



‘I've always lived with a mantra that I need to apply the art of business into the business of the arts.’ – Jeremiah

‘First and foremost, it's about putting yourself in other people's shoes. … It's really treating one another as human beings, rather than as machines on set, on stage. … We need to kind of recognise that we're all struggling.’ – Laura

‘I strongly encourage, especially for younger actors whom they feel that they may be blacklisted, and they are accepting things that they are not comfortable with. … you need to negotiate out of it. And if you can't take it, then don't take it because you will get very stressed, you will get very worried and you're not able to give your best.’ – Jeremiah


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