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Freelancer Nation

Mar 7, 2023

8 March is International Women’s Day, and we are reminded of the outstanding accomplishments and advancements made by women all over the world. 


On International Women's day, we take the time to honour, empower, and uplift women everywhere. 


Here on Uncool, we have met some amazing women who have paved the way forward to build our creative industry and carve their own space out - a space where being a woman means being cool.


In this special episode celebrating International Women’s Day, let's hear once again, some of the stories our women guests have shared on Uncool.


Debra Teng: 1:00

Jean Yeo: 12:33

Sarah Lian: 20:36

Claire Jedrek: 31:08

Melanie Lee: 37:22

Grills Gaming 44:49

Emma Neubronner: 52:00

Freelancer Advice: 56:02


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Crew Credits:


Host - 

Sean Li-wen Cheong

Loh Yen Lyng


Producer - 

Raven Lim


Editor  - 

Ray Ng


This episode contains portions of previous episodes that were released in 2022. 

Check out our earlier episodes for more of these amazing women. 



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