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Freelancer Nation

Nov 8, 2020

The new normal requires a new mindset. AngelCentral ’s Huang Shao-Ning suggests that companies that recognize the opportunities and modify their business model can actually grow in this global pandemic. However, entrepreneurs should always have an exit strategy for their business plan, despite the economic situation. The angel investor shares her candid views on what she looks for before investing in a startup, how freelancers & solopreneurs can scale their business and balancing motherhood while running a  business.


Huang Shao-Ning started her first business JobsCentral as a fresh graduate back in 2000. She grew and exited the business in 2011 to CareerBuilder. She is "anal" about processes and particular about doing things for the right reasons. Since her exit, her life focus has been to be relevant and pay it forward. Shao-Ning has been actively advising deep tech startups and also some social entrepreneurs. She is a peer-mentor to many women but most importantly she is a wife and mom to four boys.In the family angel/PE portfolio, she has investments in more than 35 startups, of which, 7 are led by women CEOs! and 7 VC investments.


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