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Freelancer Nation

Jul 14, 2023

This July, we are back with a two-part mini series about the latest happenings in the Web3 space. Join our host James Oldham as he debunks the myth that NFTs are dead and how they has evolved to fit new profile picture landscape.  For the past two years, he has been working full-time in web3 as a content strategist and developer.



Yusuf Tigliy is an experienced community manager with a great knowledge of web3 and NFTs. 



1) What are NFTs 
- Why you can't exactly right click and save an NFT
- Opensea, Rarible and other NFT marketplaces
- Popular NFT collections and what makes them popular
- Profile picture NFTs, using NFT’s as your identity

2) The new NFT profile picture landscape
- Using NFT as your social media profile picture
- Twitter allowing users to connect NFT as a profile picture
- The new age of blue checkmarks, Instagram announce web3 features
- New CEO of YouTube isNeal Mohan, very web3 friendly

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