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Freelancer Nation

Sep 10, 2022

As inflation goes up, what can freelancers do to stay financially secure? Our inflation rate hit a 13-year high at 4.8% in July. But inflation is not limited to just Singapore, we see this trend repeated in the US, Europe, and all over the world. We are concerned about how the increasing cost of living impacts creative freelancers. Over the next weeks, we will be speaking to creatives and financial experts about how current living conditions are affecting their work and practice. More importantly, what can we do to manage our finances in this challenging time? 


For our first episode, we are speaking to Ben, who is known as the Passive Income Guy. He's a former accountant turned financial adviser. He wants to help you earn more, work less, and to get out of the rat race.


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Organising corporate workshops for SMEs and business owners who want to educate their staff about building passive income. "We help to take care of your people, so they can take care of business"


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