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Freelancer Nation

Dec 7, 2019

Risk. A small word with huge impact. Taking risks involves change and the unknown, a concept that many of us are understandably not comfortable with.  As freelancers, how we think about risk affects how well we do in business and in life. 

This week, we speak to industry veteran Tan Siok Siok, whose interesting career path from filmmaker in Singapore to entrepreneur in China reflects her appetite for risks and creating new opportunities. She shares the importance of taking calculated risks with our career and how we can build up our risk appetite to venture beyond our comfortable zone.

About Tan Siok Siok
Tan Siok Siok is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and a honorary geek with a deep passion for great storytelling in the age of real time web.

Siok is an entrepreneur who has built Kinetic ONE, a social video platform in China with channels focused on youth culture, fashion and lifestyle as well as parenting&pregnancy.

She is also the director of crowdsourced Twitter Documentary, Twittamentary

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