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Freelancer Nation

Oct 8, 2022

Apart from a general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy, inflation is affecting our rental and housing market. What assets can we explore as a hedge against inflation? We speak to Lytepay Vincent about the entrepreneur mindset, managing your finances during inflation, recovering from reputational damage and how web 3.0 is changing the creator economy.


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About Vincent Ha

Vincent is an entrepreneur with roots in freelancing. After making his first dollar renting books in Primary 2, he was hooked to the idea that money can be made in an infinite number of ways - limited only by one's imagination. Throughout his time in University, Vincent was a freelance videographer and video editor. He eventually joined his friend in starting Big 3 Media, a video production company, kickstarting his journey as an entrepreneur. In 2011, he became a co-founder at Gushcloud, an international talent and entertainment company with offices in more than 10 countries today. Having seen the future of work at Gushcloud, observing that increasing numbers of talented young people are choosing to be creators and business owners, Vincent was inspired in 2018 to help build a financial ecosystem that empowers creators and freelancers. Today, he spends his time fulfilling that mission at Lyte, to create an assured future for all freelancers.


About LytePay

LytePay is an all-in-one income management wallet that enables freelancers to manage and grow their income. Since 2018, LytePay has served thousands of freelancers in Singapore and Malaysia, helping them smartly manage close to $500 million of income. Whether it's about removing the hassle of chasing clients for payments, accessing cashflow whenever they need or making their money work while they sleep, the team at LytePay is constantly thinking about how they can create an assured future for freelancers around the world.

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