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Nov 10, 2023

In this season of Uncool, we explore the barriers to starting out projects, and how do you get started to take that first steps of action towards new beginnings…  

From the struggles of mid-career changes, to just feeling uncertain of what to talk about with strangers, hosts Sean and Yen Lyng unravel the complexities of putting yourself out there - and how to talk to people. 


Timothy Go is a seasoned media personality, a veteran TV news anchor and a serial entrepreneur. 

He is currently a radio host at Singapore’s MoneyFM 89.3, co-founder of Go Anywhere Tour specializing in exotic Central Asia, and a boutique hotel in Uzbekistan.

Having lived and worked in North America and Asia, he brings with him a unique global perspective in his understanding of the world, having talked to people everywhere he goes. 

He joins the show to tell us how to talk to people… 



0:00 Intro & Banter

3:42 Timothy is Here!

5:13 Moving Around Multiple Countries

10:40 Does People Talk Differently Across The World?

12:17 Managing Business Relationships

14:42 Accents

17:14 How to be Good at Conversations?

19:47 Racial Stereotypes of Talking Behaviours

25:32 The Art of Conversation

32:42 Accents & Language Expressions From World Leaders

37:32 Approaching Business Conflicts

43:53 Post-COVID Loneliness

46:55 What to say to your UNCOOL self?

47:52 Mid-roll Ad

48:48 Timothy's Socials


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