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Freelancer Nation

Apr 14, 2023

The Actor’s Space is a brand-new podcast hosted by Laura Kee, a freelance actor in Singapore. Through conversations with fellow actors, and industry colleagues, we will be talking about the working actor’s life in Singapore – how do we pursue our love for acting, while navigating the business side of the craft? Let’s create more conversations about the challenges of building an acting career in Singapore.



Shannon Zann – emcee, actress & content creator

Kimberley Kiew – multidisciplinary performer & yoga instructor


Take classes to build your foundation as an actor.

Track your income & expenses! Always track who owes you money, if any.

Build a community with similar struggles and similar passions, to support and encourage you through the ups and downs.

Your acting career is your small business – create an invoice template, know your worth, and negotiate your fees.

In Singapore, you may not be able to survive on an acting income alone. Build viable alternative sources of income that may complement your acting work.


‘20% of your time will be on set or on stage. 80% of the time, you're working on yourself, you're working on your skills, you're going for auditions, … you are kind of just doing things that buffer and build your time on set and your time on stage.’ – Kimberley

 ‘At the heart of it all, this is a business, right? This is not just a passion or something that we’re doing as a hobby. This is really our business and we are all small business owners of our own careers.’ – Laura

 ‘It’s like YOLO but at the same time, you have a backup plan. Yeah, so we’re not being reckless here okay?’ – Shannon


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