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Freelancer Nation

Apr 21, 2023

The Actor’s Space is a podcast hosted by Laura Kee, a freelance actor in Singapore. Through conversations with fellow actors, and industry colleagues, we will be talking about the working actor’s life in Singapore – how do we pursue our love for acting, while navigating the business side of the craft? Let’s create more conversations about the challenges of building a sustainable acting career in Singapore.


Sanif Olek is an award-winning, Singapore-based film writer and director since 1996, with a portfolio that ranges from independent films to current affairs. On a drama set, Sanif credits the deep conversations his actors shared with him on their process as the main factor to mine their best performances. His debut independent feature, SAYANG DISAYANG, was Singapore’s official entry to the 2015 Oscars® (Best Foreign Language Film).



• Let your authenticity as an actor shine through. 

• Don’t be too technical in your craft. Allow yourself to adapt to changes.

• People talk, on set and off. Your work ethics – being punctual, working well under pressure, being professional – are as important as your work.

• Be prepared to work with people who do not get along with you.

• Come on set with an open mind.



‘At least in my eyes, right, they just have to be themselves when they act, so they don't have to bear the burden of having to perform.’ – Sanif

‘If they only have like 15 minutes before sunset, how do they perform? Or like, 2am in the morning when everyone is shagged and tired? How do they perform?’ – Sanif

‘You know, not everyone likes you on set. So when everything happens on set, to just sort of like, you know, just take it in and focus on the process.’ – Sanif


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