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Freelancer Nation

Apr 28, 2023

The Actor’s Space is a podcast hosted by Laura Kee, a freelance actor in Singapore. Through conversations with fellow actors, and industry colleagues, we will be talking about the working actor’s life in Singapore – how do we pursue our love for acting while navigating the business side of the craft? Let’s create more conversations about the challenges of building a sustainable acting career in Singapore.



Casting Director Dorothy Sng is an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience under her belt. Her long-suffering perseverance in a difficult industry has always been driven by a desire to uncover and fulfil potential through her work. Notable productions she has worked on include Long Long Time Ago, Diam Diam Era, Ah Boys To Men 4, Number 1, and Little Women, a Netflix K-drama. 



• Be remembered by not only your performance, but also having the right attitude on set. 

• Do your homework! Don’t be afraid to ask valid questions so you can perform better.

• Submit clean and clear headshots, without filters. Show your authentic self.

• Be flexible and adaptable. Remember that directors have different working styles.

• Casting directors are rooting for you to do well!



‘You don't have to be too afraid to ask questions. Things like that are healthy to have. Because it helps you play your character better.’ – Dorothy

‘Social media helps you get seen, perhaps because of the algorithm and all sorts of things. But really, if you do call them in for audition, it's the performance at the end of the day that will seal the deal’ – Laura

‘When I meet those people who come for auditions, I always tell them, don't need to be afraid of me, just be relaxed, we're here to help you, we're not here to harm you in any other way. Because if we are not interested in the first place, we wouldn’t even bother contacting you, right?’ – Dorothy


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