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Freelancer Nation

Nov 3, 2023

In this special episode of Uncool, we feature “We Can Save The World!” an upcoming out of this world comedy feature film that is currently crowdfunding on indiegogo. 


We speak with director Chai Hong to find out more about the project and why he went down this path of production… and how a hawker centre public toilet started this all.  


Find out more about the project or support the indiegogo at

If you’re interested to have your upcoming event featured, drop us a DM and tell us about it, even if your event seems uncool because remember…. It’s Cool, to be Uncool.




0:00 Intro

1:47 The Idea Around "We Can Save The World"

8:30 Mid-roll

8:44 Looking For Film Inspirations

12:35 Consideration Around Foreign/International Audiences

18:17 The Comedy Aspect in Film

19:48 Current Project State of "We Can Save The World"

20:30 Feature Film vs Short Form Storytelling

23:47 Marketing Towards Singaporean Audience

26:12 Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

31:38 3 Words that Describe Why We Should Support "We Can Save The World"

35:17 What to say to your most UNCOOL self?



"I just went 'Let's just have fun!'. I mean it's movie-making, we are not trying to save the world in a literal way. I'm not a brain surgeon."


Crew Credits:

Hosted by: Sean Li-wen Cheong and Loh Yen Lyng

Produced by: Raven Lim

Edited by: Ray Ng 


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