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Apr 22, 2022

The Balut Kiki Project is a podcast that literally saved its creators' lives

Hear the story of how this uniquely Pinoy, unapologetically queer, podcast came to be after creator Geoff quit his job because of depression and suicide, and connected with his best friend who also suffered a similar experience.

Balut Kiki's creators share about mental health being a stigma, and how their podcast is advocating for mental health among the LGBTQIA+ community in the Philippines

Note: This episode contains discussion on suicide, self harm and other mental health topics. Listener discretion is advised.


About The BALUT KIKI Project

Welcome to The BALUT KIKI Project!

We are a podcast that provides banter for the boys, and the girls, and us freaks in the middle. We are Filipino members of the queer community - some of us living in the Philippines (you'll know who among us are, the wifi lag that reflects on the sound will tell you! Ha!); the others elsewhere in the world. 


Balut Kiki is a project that humbly aims to put a few more queer voices out there - ours, plus those of our allies and other members of the community. Our modest aim is to bolster queer representation by adding our own personal views, experiences, frustrations and hopes into the prevailing discourse or by calling attention to issues where we feel, through our own personal journeys, there is not enough dialogue existing (like mental health, sex and sexuality, non-traditional identities and relationships, etc.). But make no mistake, we dig into a lot of silly and mindless chatter too! We also hope that by speaking out through this project, it will empower others in our community to make their voices heard as well.


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About Geoff

Geoff is one of the hosts of a Filipino-LGBT podcast called THE BALUT KIKI PROJECT which aims to normalize difficult conversations considered taboo in Philippine culture – mental health, sex and human sexuality, and non-traditional gender identities and relationships.

Geoff’s podcast will celebrate their first year anniversary this May – next month – and they are already looking back at how fabulous their first year of podcasting has been for them - having had amazing guests, a steady increase in listenership, and an international award for being the Best Podcast Host in Asia!

Although Geoff currently lives Down Under, he feels he still left his heart back in the Philippines -which is why he wants to continue advocating for the Filipino queer community, for mental and sexual health, and to empower Filipinos and Asians all over the world to speak up and make sure their stories are heard. 


About Asia Podcast Podcast Awards

For Asia by Singapore, the Asia Podcast Awards celebrate the best in Asia podcasting. By creating the platform to organise and honour the members of the Asian podcasting community, we will empower Asian voices and celebrate our voices and diversity with the rest of the world.